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Meeting your obligations for affordable housing

Meeting your obligations for affordable housing

ZERO carbon, low cost, ZEDpods – helping you rethink profitable starter homes for your development

For many private developers the challenge of making a profit on affordable housing elements and the requirements of planning obligations, including section 106 agreements, are real issues.

A new approach to starter homes which are quick to build, affordable and even help you take advantage of unwanted or awkward sites, could be the answer.

  • Need to meet obligations for affordable housing without comprising profitability for your development?
  • Require affordable but attractive, high quality housing elements for your scheme?
  • Want to maximise any spare land you have?
  • Interested to capitalise on air rights above car parks and waste space?
  • Want ZERO carbon fully sustainable solutions?
  • Have sites where conventional construction is not practical?
ZEDpods communal community link bridge

Benefits for Housing Developers

With ZEDpods you get:

ZEDpods – instant high-quality homes to complement modern housing schemes

The zero carbon ZEDpod is a prefabricated designer home with a difference. It offers almost instant high-quality affordable housing solutions without the land issues associated with conventional new build.

With ZEDpods you can more easily satisfy planning obligations for affordable housing on your development, maintain profitability and ensure aspirational living for first time buyers or young people looking to rent.

With ZEDpods you can even develop heavily constrained, challenging or waste areas of land, where conventional construction just won’t work. (click here to see an example: three bridges case study with names removed for time being)

Designed to take advantage of empty spaces and hard standings, ZEDpods can be assembled sitting on the ground or on raised platforms above parking, to provide high performance low energy housing at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and an immediate revenue stream for your business.

Once delivered to site, construction and installation can be completed within 24 hours ready for immediate occupancy.

ZEDpods affordable modular housing within traditional housing development

Benefits for Housing Developers

With ZEDpods you get:

  • Instant high-quality affordable housing
  • Better use of challenging, unused or awkward sites and spaces
  • Realise air rights above your resources
  • Improved development outcomes and profitability
  • A range of sizes to suit your space, from single homes to complete communities
  • A fully fitted, fully specified, ready to go solution
  • Modular off-site construction with minimal site time for installation
  • Low energy, zero carbon solution including mechanical ventilation, integrated roof mounted solar panels and LIPO4 battery store
ZEDpod village communal lounge with kitchen and dining

Supporting your business

No longer just a concept, ZEDpods projects are in planning in several locations around the UK and show homes can be visited at Dunstable and at BRE. Investigate to learn more.

  • ZEDpods are a completely flexible and scalable solution
  • Modular off-site manufacture means minimum site disruption for your business
  • Site preparation, groundworks, construction processes and duration for supplying services, are dramatically simplified compared to conventional new build
  • Air quality and fire proofing are core to the design
  • Mobile and easily demountable structures give you total flexibility
  • The unique design qualities of ZEDpods mean we can build were conventional construction fails
  • Send us your site and we will layout a scheme with an outline business case.

Inside ZEDpods

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