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Key worker housing and step-down accommodation

A new approach to step down care accommodation and on-site housing

A rapid, cost effective on-site accommodation solution built above existing car parks, close to wards and services

Local Step-Down care accommodation shortages, a reliance on costly hotel B&B style services,and a lack of affordable on-site housing for nursing and medical staff, are increasing issues for NHS Trusts.

A unique solution, that builds quality accommodation units above existing car parks, close to wards and services, without impacting current parking provisions, could be the answer, helping to resolve delayed discharge issues and spiralling costs.

  • Need to resolve delayed discharge issues to free up beds?
  • Want to reduce costs for step-down care accommodation and B&B services?
  • Would like to provide more quality on-site residential accommodation for key workers, nurses and medical staff?
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ZEDpods – fast, low-cost accommodation solutions

ZEDpods NHS Housing is a zero-carbon, prefabricated accommodation solution, designed to use air-rights above existing hospital car parks without sacrificing valuable real estate.

It’s a high quality, low energy and quick to build solution designed to resolve your on-site housing and accommodation needs – helping to reduce costs and putting you back in control. Completed units can be installed in under 3 months ready for immediate occupancy.

ZEDpods offer a design and build solution with a range of design options including:

  • Instantly accessible step-down bed units for patients that are ‘medically fit’
  • Fully serviced hotel style B&B rooms optimised for recuperative care
  • High-quality, fully-fitted residential units for hospital keyworkers and nursing staff

Blocks of accommodation up to three storeys high are possible, keeping parking bays beneath, and accessed with covered walkways, lifts and stairs, close to wards and services. A flexible floor plan allows full disabled access where required. Roof top spaces can also be provided.

Flexibility is also key and ZEDPods Housing can be easily relocated at a future date, if your accommodation requirements change. Both Step Down bed units and B&B style rooms can be rapidly converted to residential accommodation for sale or rent.

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Benefits for NHS Trusts

  • Fast, high-quality accommodation solutions – that can be built within12 weeks
  • Low risk, fully funded design and build services, with a range of leaseback options
  • Zero capital expenditure and reduced construction risk
  • Realise air-rights above your resources and separate housing provision from land prices
  • Retain precious parking spaces
  • A fully fitted, fully specified, ready to go solution
  • Modular off-site construction with minimal site time for installation
  • Low energy, zero carbon solution
  • Mobile and easily demountable structures give you total flexibility
  • Site preparation, groundworks, construction processes and duration for supplying services, are dramatically simplified compared to conventional new build

No longer just a concept, ZEDPods projects are in planning in several locations around the UK and show homes can be visited at Dunstable and at BRE. Investigate to learn more.

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