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Rethinking affordable housing in your community

Rethinking affordable housing in your community

A rapid, quality solution

Affordable housing for key workers and first-time buyers remains a fundamental issue for local authorities.

But working with developers, who remain focused on maximising profit, isn’t delivering the numbers you need and the costs of temporary accommodation for those who desperately need housing continues to rise.

A unique low-cost solution, that builds quality pre-fabricated accommodation units above existing car parks, close to places of work and existing transport infrastructure and without impact to existing parking provisions, could be the answer.

  • Need a new way to deliver fast, low-cost affordable housing?
  • Would like to make better use of unwanted, difficult to develop land and windfall sites
  • Want to help more young people buy their own homes near or where they work
  • Spend budget on building affordable homes instead of costly B&B accommodation
ZEDpods community housing communal garden

The ZEDpod Solution

The fully Space Standards Compliant ZEDpod is a prefabricated one bedroom starter-home with a difference. It offers almost instant high-quality housing without the land and site issues associated with conventional new build.

Built above car parks or on difficult to develop and awkward spaces, the ZEDpod offers a low risk, rapid build, solution with minimum site disruption.

It’s a low energy solution designed to resolve housing needs for key workers and first-time buyers with minimal demand on existing services and infrastructures.
Once delivered to site, construction and installation can be completed, often within 24 hours for a single unit, ready for immediate occupancy.

With a range of designs from our RIBA award-winning architect and engagement options, our modular solution enables you to build to high standards and meet your housing needs faster.

Mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed ZEDpod dwellings, circulation space and amenity

Protect your tenants from fuel poverty

Energy neutral housing solutions with the lowest running costs possible

Find out more about how ZEDpods can help you:

  • Make an impact on housing shortages
  • Combat rising rent through innovations in design and delivery
  • Improve the quality of the housing on offer
  • Protect renters from fuel poverty
  • Prevent constituents being priced out of home ownership
  • Provide both traditional affordable rented homes and owner- occupancy schemes
ZEDpods communal community link bridge

How ZEDpods can make a difference

  • Zero-carbon, energy neutral homes with ultra-low running costs and minimal impact to existing infrastructure and services
  • Affordable, high-quality urban housing for keyworkers and young people to rent or buy
  • A modular solution with all the benefits of off-site construction, rapid installation and minimal disruption
  • Built to higher standards than most conventional housing with exceptional acoustic and environmental performance
  • Designed to take advantage of land outside the development plan, including air-rights over car parks as well hard standings and difficult to develop land
  • Fully fitted, compact and aspirational design, with outstanding use of light and space
  • Available with a ‘Q Assure’ mortgageable warranty and fully ‘Space Standards’ compliant
  • A long life, relocatable permanent building with near zero waste when moved
  • A range of development options to help you build affordable homes without the need for land or capital expenditure
  • Purchase costs are determined on a site by site basis depending on typologies, stairs, walkways and other options.

Find out if ZEDpod homes would be suitable for your sites. Register now for a free consultation and outline business case.

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