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Overview & Key Features

ZED PODS – rethinking prefabricated homes

High quality, zero carbon build

  • Want to build more affordable housing, faster?
  • Exploit air-rights over existing assets or make car parks and difficult to use spaces work harder?
  • All with minimal impact to existing services and infrastructure?
  • Then ZED PODS has the solution.
  • Open Plan Living Room, Kitchen And Dinner
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Fully Tiled Bathroom
  • Double Bedroom With Home Office Space
  • Soundproof Triple Glazing
  • Lowest Possible Level Running Costs
  • Energy Generating Roof With Optional Storage And Ultra-Efficient Appliances

Why did we create ZED PODS?

Foreseeing the looming housing shortage ZED PODS Ltd began designing attractive, affordable housing made of quality materials.  We have operationalised the vision so the pods can be available to the masses (of young people).

ZED PODS are built to higher standards than conventional houses. They are super insulated, triple glazed and have heat recovery ventilation and lots of daylight. This reduces energy demand and makes the homes “energy neutral” to lower their running costs. The homes are constructed from quality fireproof, durable and robust materials and are designed to last as long as a traditionally built home – so we are completely rethinking prefabricated housing.

We offer fast built high-quality and affordable homes, but without the land and site issues associated with conventional new build.

Our ZED PODS are designed to take advantage of existing city-centre car park locations, hard standings or unused spaces, and are assembled sitting on the ground, or on raised platforms with parking beneath.

It’s a zero-carbon solution, providing high-performance, low-energy housing at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and with minimal demand on existing services and infrastructures.

Once delivered to site, construction and installation can be completed often within a day for a single unit, ready for immediate occupancy.

“ZED PODS can be constructed following conventional planning and construction processes. But the beauty of the concept is that it separates housing provision from land prices, taking advantage of air-rights over car parks and unused open spaces. It means Pods can be installed and maintained at no cost to the land’s owner. This enables affordable, quality city homes for keyworkers, where land is scarce or expensive, while maintaining precious parking resources.”


Mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed ZEDpod dwellings, circulation space and amenity

Why are ZED PODS different?

ZED PODS Ltd provide affordable, high-quality urban housing for keyworkers and young people to rent or buy, or transitional housing for stepdown care and other needs

  • A modular solution with all the benefits of off-site construction, rapid installation and minimal disruption
  • Built to higher standards than most conventional housing with exceptional acoustic and environmental performance
  • Zero-carbon low energy homes, with minimal impact to existing infrastructure and services
  • Designed for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Hospitals and other organisations to build affordable homes without the need to find land
  • A clever design takes advantage of land outside the development plan, including air-rights over car parks as well hard standings and difficult to develop land
  • Fully fitted, compact and aspirational design, with outstanding use of light and space
  • Available with a ‘Q Assure’ mortgageable warranty and fully ‘Space Standards’ compliant
  • A long life, relocatable permanent building with near zero waste when moved

Supporting your business

ZEDpods provides a comprehensive support package to ensure your project is successful. This covers design, feasibility studies and site surveys, together with planning engagement, off-site construction and installation.

We offer a range of ways to engage, please fill out an enquiry form here to start the conversation.

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