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ZEDpods proposes solution for NHS Key Worker Housing and Delayed Transfer of Care

Each year 33,000 nurses leave the NHS and, according to the Royal College of Nursing, 40% are considering leaving London over the next five years due to housing costs. To meet this problem ZEDpods, a company set up to build and install high quality low carbon homes for keyworkers and young people, is announcing a…

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The House Of Tomorrow

An exciting new type of home has the potential to maximise land and create affordable, sustainable housing.

ZEDpods In The News

A new trend in modular construction

Over recent years there has been a very-visible shift within healthcare towards more-modern construction methods. The use of mobile and modular buildings, in particular, is growing exponentially, offering much-quicker build times, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the patient and staff experience. More recently, in particular, there has been increased uptake of innovative ‘pod’ solutions –…

ZEDpods In The News

Housing: The small homes with a big challenge

ZEDpods In The News

Instant housing but preserving your core car park business

The zero carbon ZEDpod is a prefabricated microhome with a difference, offering almost instant high-quality housing solutions.

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