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Building Options

ZEDpods Building Options

Plan variants and layout options

ZEDpods provides a complete range of house types to suite your development needs from single units, to terraced housing to complete communities.

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  • 1 bed apartments
  • 1 bed split level maisonettes
  • 2 or 3 bed starter homes

Ground-resting ZEDpods

The same simplicity of deployment allows a reinforced concrete pre-cast raft foundation to be offloaded from a delivery HGV and placed on smooth bearing ground or recycled rubber pads. The ZEDpods are simply forklifted into place, allowing a community to be created over a weekend that could relocate in 5 years or stay in place for 100 years. The ZEDpods are better built than most market housing and are long life, relocatable permanent buildings with near zero waste when moved.

ZEDpod ground-resting housing association homes

Steel-base structure ZEDpods

The galvanized steel base, lower floor and upper floor are transport on standard artics/ low loaders to the car park. These 3 parts are placed in position over the parking bay using a forklift only. The steel base is filled with local crushed stone or concrete ballast defining the substructure which is equivalent to a raft foundation, exerting no more pressure on the existing tarmac than a typical vehicle. The system is patented. Once in place very little site works is needed to complete the pod.

Steel-base raised ZEDpods

Two Pod Terrace

Creating a communal space

Two ZEDpod terrace
ZEDpods student accommodation communal canopy

Multi-stacked Pod

Multi-stacked student acommodation ZEDpod village
ZEDpod stacked student accommodation village
ZEDpod village communal area

Student Pod

Student ZEDpod Specifications

90 Degree Pod terrace

Zedpod housing row - 90 degree pod terrace

Supporting your business

ZEDpods provides a comprehensive support package to ensure your project is successful. This covers design, feasibility studies and site surveys, together with planning engagement, off-site construction and installation.

We offer a range of ways to engage, please fill out an enquiry form here to start the conversation.

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